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Vana Dineshkumar

My name is Vana Dineshkumar and I have been a Reiki Master (Usui Reiki) since 2010 and a Yoga Instructor certified from Balance Life Yoga since 2012.

Initially I studied Business & Finance and held accounting positions until I had my third child.  I chose to dedicate my life to nurturing my three children for a while.  I knew deep down that I had a calling for healing but didn’t know what that was.


I took my first step on this path by enrolling myself in the Natural Health Practitioner course, offered at AMCC (Alternative Medicine College of Canada). I always had a passion for alternative approaches to healing and interests in yoga, pilates, and nutrition. This course seemed the natural choice in keeping with balancing the body, mind and soul. 

Through this course, I came to learn about energy healing through Reiki and was fascinated. I had planned to pursue training in this once I had completed the course. As life would have it, in 2009 I experienced a personal crisis. All of my systems were shutting down. In search of healing for myself, I went for a few sessions of Reiki and noticed my life changing for the better.


Having experienced the power of Reiki firsthand, I knew that I wanted to be able to share this with others, so I went on to receive Reiki Attunements between 2009-2010 in order to become trained as a Reiki Master.

Reiki led me to Yoga teacher training in 2011, and eventually training in Ayurvedic scalp massage in 2018. 

I feel that we are all searching for healing and ways to lessen our suffering. I continue to educate myself on alternative modalities, so that I can be of service by providing people with tools to bring wellness into their lives. 

Tropical Flower


“I have seen Vana for Reiki for a few years now. I love the Reiki experience, it helps me on so many levels. I leave feeling completely relaxed and find that my head is clear; it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after the Reiki. It is a complete spiritual experience. It helps me feel more energized, positive, and lowers my stress levels.
Recently, I tried the Ayurvedic oil head massage and it was absolutely amazing! The massage was so relaxing & felt great. It helped lower my stress and helped me with my headaches/neck pain.
I would definitely recommend seeing Vana for Reiki/Ayurvedic oil massage."
Michelle Nimigom
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