I have seen Vana for reiki for a few years now. I love the Reiki experience...it helps me on so many levels. I leave feeling completely relaxed and find that my head is clear...it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders after the Reiki. It is a complete spiritual experience. It helps me feel more energized and positive and lowers my stress levels. Recently I tried the Ayurvedic oil head massage and it was absolutely amazing! The massage was so relaxing and felt great. It helped lower my stress and helped me with my headaches/neck pain.


I would definitely recommend seeing Vana for Reiki/ Ayurvedic oil massage.

Michelle Nimigom


"Vana’s head and face massage was a uniquely relaxing and rejuvenating experience. She immediately made me feel welcome with her wonderful, caring personality. The massage felt wonderful in the moment, with beautifully scented oils. It also left my scalp, hair and neck feeling fantastic for days after!"


Christine Ackerley

"So restful, I enjoy that it makes me relax while I do it" 

Margaret (Senior's Chair Yoga)

"Feeling of peace and body comfort"

Mary (Senior's Chair Yoga)

"I always look forward to yoga with Vana. It is so relaxing and soothing. It makes my day & I always look forward to the next session"



Tessie (Senior's Chair Yoga)

"I have been working with Vana personally and professionally since 2012. I was feeling stressed at the time and was looking for a way to calm and center myself. After every reiki session I feel calmer and more peaceful. I also refer many of my patients to Vana and they love her. Vana is gifted and intuitive reiki healer.  She’s full of compassion.  I would recommend for ANYONE and EVERYONE to try Reiki with Vana. It will change your life!"


Cecilia Hui

" Vana is a breath of fresh air! I have had the pleasure to experience Vana's  yoga classes, Reiki treatments and also have her as my Reiki Master. She is a truly a beautiful person with a heart of gold and a passion for what she does. I've experienced many different yoga classes but I love the connection to each student and laid back vibe you feel when in practice with Vana. Thank you for you dedication, passion and sharing your talent and knowledge with me. Your are a blessing xo "


Laura Phillips

" I have had the pleasure of working with Vana and having her as my Reiki Master. What an inspiring, compassionate, intuitive lady! She brings positive, loving light when she enters a room and I am so thrilled to say she is also my friend. Treat yourself to a Reiki session with Vana so you too,  can experience something wonderful and new. " 


Gina Cottreau

" I am a regular participant of Vana's classes and I very much like her style of teaching. Compared to other yoga classes that I have been in, Vana has been the best instructor that I have had so far. She makes the classes challenging, but offers a substitution of a different pose if you have any sort of pain or injury.  Vana provides balanced instruction, accommodating the mixed abilities and skill levels of the students and I feel that this shows a clear reflection of her experience as a yoga instructor and as a practitioner. "


Barb Pedder

" In April 2010, I was diagnosed with cancer and Oct of the same year I met Vana and had my first Reiki session.  It was the first time I had a good night sleep since April. I was able to accept my situation, thereby allowing my body to heal itself.  Every session after that, I kept getting stronger and stronger mentally, physically and spiritually,  Thank you Vana.


April 2010 was a very difficult time for me, until Oct of same year, when I met Vana and REIKI.  From the first time I met her I knew that God had sent her and the art she is practicing. Before this time I had met with 5 medical doctors and they all advised me to try surgery & radiation.  At the recommendation of a surgeon I did take hormone tablets. I felt very comfortable with Reiki and I tried to have sessions as often as possible.


Everyone should try REIKI sick or not!

Thanks very, very much Vana. I really cannot put into words how you and REIKI changed my life for the better. True believer of REIKI. "


 Wayne Carter

" The visits with you relax me and touch me in a deep spiritual way. They help clear my mind and aid me to sort things out to help me get my priorities in order. They remind me to make time for myself. "


 Wendy Moran